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Love and Serve Haiti: A Primer

clip_image002One would be hard pressed to find listed on a map the villages of Masson and Sarazin, villages that straddle steep mountain slopes high above Haiti’s capital city, Port-au-Prince. Yet it is in these villages that an amazing transformation, at once exhilarating and deeply inspiring, is happening. A transformation through quality education, exposure to the creative possibilities of the visual arts and music, and shared values because the talent and ingenuity of a Haitian mind is too important to waste: such are the aim and achievements of the Love and Serve Haiti project.

Spearheaded by two Haitian-led non-profits, the NY-based Haitian-Americans United for Progress (HAUP) and the Haiti-based Pou Solèy Leve, Love and Serve Haiti supports the schooling of some six hundred children, for whom access to knowledge would otherwise be nothing but an impossible dream.

Yet Love and Serve Haiti does not stop there. It is also a transformative experience for young Haitian-Americans who are challenged to affirm their leadership qualities and potential, and anchor their commitment to community with a year-long service project.

And thanks to a growing partnership with Art in Motion, it has brought amazing richness to the lives of young, energetic and creative African-Americans evolving in fashion, music, photography, the visual arts and the entertainment world.

To sustain and build on the progress achieved thus far, new hearts and minds must be reached and new commitments made. We sincerely hope that you will wholeheartedly share your talent and contribute to the growth of Love and Serve.

Loving and Serving Haiti is no catwalk. It takes at least an hour’s walk each way up and down the mountain slopes to reach the schools’ grounds. For the children however, walking that long daily is the least of their worries. Staying the course, opening up their minds to the creative possibilities generated by knowledge, climbing Haiti’s steep social ladder out of chronic poverty, these are their real challenges. Rise to the challenge of providing support that fits within your range of possibilities: you’ll find the experience and the benefits as exhilarating and inspiring as we and many others have.

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