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Mission Statement

The Haitian Americans United for Progress, Inc. (HAUP) is a non-profit community based organization dedicated to empowering and serving the community. HAUP provides a supportive environment through education, training, culture, networking opportunities, and other support services, that allows members of the community to successfully adapt and thrive.

Our Story

HAUP began as a volunteer-based organization focused initially on responding to the needs of Haitian immigrants and refugees in 1975. Since it was founded, HAUP has consistently assisted immigrant and refugee families and individuals to meet their needs and to become productive citizens.

In the 1980’s, when the wave of Haitian refugees came ashore in Florida and had to be resettled in the New York area, HAUP was very involved in helping hundreds of refugees find shelter, food, clothing, employment, and other types of support services.

Started as an organization to serve primarily the Haitian community, HAUP has evolved into a community center for any and all residents of New York City and the Greater Tri-State Area.