Special Needs Services


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After School Program

Designed for children who have Developmental Delays or are on the Autistic Spectrum between the ages of 6 to 21, who reside in Queens.  

  • Monday-Friday from 3pm to 6pm during the school year and 1pm to 6pm during the summer
  • Drop-off transportation provided

Community Habilitation (Com Hab)

Community Habilitation is designed for individuals who live at home and would benefit from specialized training targeting the enhancement of daily living activities, communication, socialization, and community awareness skills.

We provide services in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, and Long Island.


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Day Habilitation (Day Hab)

Day Hab helps mentally challenged and developmentally disabled individuals achieve satisfying and rewarding connections while building lasting relationships within the community. Out of home training at volunteer sites allow each participant to reach their maximum potential.

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Family Education and Training (FET)

FET provides education and training to caregivers of children under the age of 18 who are enrolled in the HCBS Waiver. The purpose is to enhance the family’s knowledge, skills and decision making capacity to help them care for a child with developmental disabilities. A broad array of topics can be provided based on the needs and wishes of the caregivers. FET can be provided to one family or in group of no more than eight families.

Age group served 3-18 years old

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Recreational/Off-Site Socialization Activities

A program of social, recreational and leisure activities that provides developmentally disabled individuals with the opportunity to go to the botanical gardens, bowling alleys, movie theaters and cultural events in the community twice a week (Thursday and Friday). Transportation is provided.

Age group served- 21 years and up

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Respite is a program that provides relief to parents or children with developmental disabilities through education, socialization, and recreation. We help increase the family’s ability to cope and decrease the level of stress in the family. We also give the individuals the opportunity to build community relationships and help guide them towards their independence.

We provide services for children ages 3 years old and up


Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC)

Service Coordination is the active assistance offered to people with disabilities to help them increase or improve their skills. Service Coordination also helps them navigate the various systems to obtain desired waiver services to attain or maintain their personal goals.  Service Coordinators utilize a Person-Centered approach when developing the individualized service plans. (ISP)

Our Services are available to Individuals:

  • Who live in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island

  • Who currently have Medicaid or are Medicaid Eligible

  • A Medicaid Service Coordinator is available to people 3 years and up

  • Our Staff is multilingual; we speak Haitian Creole, French, & English.


Non-Medicaid Service Coordination (Non-MSC)

H.A.U.P provides Non-Medicaid Service Coordination to individuals living in the Borough of Brooklyn, who are in need of services. The Non-Medicaid Service Coordinator will help the individuals and their families obtain Medicaid and waiver services. We will assist them in securing government entitlements, benefits and other OPWDD services for which they are eligible. Through face to face visits and service planning, the Non-Medicaid Service Coordinator will keep in constant communications with families to continue participant advocacy.


  • Applying for OPWDD Services

  • Obtaining Waiver Medicaid

  • State Entitlement Services  

  • Retrieving comprehensive Psychological and Psychosocial Evaluation.


  • Who live in Brooklyn

  • Who are Medicaid Eligible

  • Who are 3 years and up.