The Haitian Americans United for Progress, Inc. (HAUP) has been serving the community for over 40 years. HAUP has been committed to helping individuals and families enhance their quality of life. HAUP is a multi-program organization, providing support for individuals who are seeking Immigration, Educational, and Health Services, while also assisting to those with Special Needs. HAUP offers a free, full day Pre-K program to students who are 4 years old. We have expanded over the years and currently offer a multitude of services throughout the entire Tri-State Area.

Statement of Elsie Saint-Louis
Executive Director

Haitian-Americans United for Progress

January 12, 2018, New York, NY -- President Donald Trump deployed his basic stock in trade, bigotry and xenophobia, to shut down discussions on immigration with members of Congress at a White House meeting yesterday, January 11. According to many participants, he used Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as the punching bag of the moment, denigrating them and their people in one of the most vulgar terms a white supremacist could have used towards immigrants and refugees of color.

Trump's disparaging remarks about Haiti, El Salvador and African countries are deeply disturbing. They betray profound racism and ignorance of the challenges these countries face, in part because of decades of misguided policies imposed by the United States over decades.

We applaud Rep Mia Love's response to the disparaging remarks. We call on her Congressional colleagues to condemn the President and join her call for an apology to the people of the countries that he denigrated.

To our Haitian brothers and sisters in the Diaspora and in Haiti, we say: be outraged, yes, but channel the outrage into productive and organized efforts to build bonds, strengthen community structures and develop sensible advocacy strategies on immigration, social issues and Haiti's future. Let's stay vigilant. Let's educate each other. Let's engage and let's topple racism and other obstacles that hold us back.

Since its inception more than 40 years ago, Haitian-Americans United for Progress (HAUP) has stood with Haitians seeking fairness, equal rights and political freedoms. We have come a long way since the days when Haitians were simply cast as "boat people," blamed for the HIV and AIDS outbreak in the United States, and quarantined in the American Naval Base at Guantanamo, Cuba because some were HIV+.

Throughout these unfortunate periods, we responded with decency and firm resolve. President Trump would like nothing better than to drag us all down into the sewer in which he seems to best wallow. We will not follow him down his cesspool.


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